Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Paving The Way To Your Well-Being

Do you know someone who has been waiting for the right time to begin receiving in-depth Flower Essence support?  If so, enjoy forwarding this special offer to them, and share the news on Facebook and Twitter.

New Flower Essence Clients
Receive your Introductory Session at half-price.*

For Active Flower Essence Clients--A Gift of Appreciation For You
With appreciation for your on-going patronage of the Flower Essence Session Series, receive a gift of one pre-made Flower Essence formula of your choice when placing your next Flower Essence order in the month of February.*  Simply mention this offer when placing your order, and I'll be happy to include your gift.

Ask Flora
Read the most recent "Ask Flora" question and response here, and submit your own flower essence question for possible publication in the next posting scheduled for mid-March.  Archives for previous Ask Flora posting may be found in the right column on the same page.   

*These Special Offers are valid from February 18 through February 28, 2015.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Download my free e-Book, Flower Essences . . . They Are All About Relationship, from the Library of my website.  Whether you are new to flower essences, or want to deepen your understanding of the support they offer, this e-Book is sure to inspire and enrich your relationship with them.
Submit your question to my Ask Flora column on the website of one of my favorite astrologers and authors, Dana Gerhardt.  Several months ago, Dana invited me to join the faculty on her website, adding a flower essence presence to the site's astrology offerings.  Read several Ask Flora Q's & A's in the "From The Goddess Archive" column, and submit your own question soon for a possible response from the next Ask Flora reply scheduled for the end of January.

Spread the word!  Enjoy sharing links to these free resources on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging your loved ones, friends, and colleagues to take advantage of these free offerings of support.

New Year Blessings to you!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011



In 2009, after proposing that FES (Flower Essence Society) develop two pre-made flower essence formulas for the hospice community, one for those living with life-limiting illness, and one for care givers, I was deeply honored to accept their invitation to recommend specific essences for each formula as well as suggest names for both formulas.

Through the steady and generous support offered by FES, and the collaborative efforts of all involved, Windber Hospice and Hospice of The Twin Cities participated in a pilot study with these formulas. In response to documented feedback and positive effects, FES now offers:

formula for those living with life-limiting illness.


COMPASSIONATE CARE GIVER formula for those caring for loved ones receiving end-of-life care.

The Peace-Full formula promotes deep peace for those living with life-limiting illness, whether at home, in a hospice house, or in a hospital.

The Compassionate Care Giver formula encourages peaceful presence for care givers, loved ones, and family members of those living with life-limiting illness.


To learn more about the development of these two formulas and related offerings, visit the Hospice Outreach page of my website.

For detailed information on individual essences included in each formula, for primary indications for both formulas, or to place an order, you are invited to visit the Products & Ordering page of my website.


From the center of my heart, I thank you for sharing the news about these two new formulas with your loved ones, co-workers, and members of your community. Both care givers and those living with life-limiting illness will be grateful to know about the gentle, safe, and effective form of support. Feel free to share this blog posting and my website with those who will value this information.


If you or loved ones in your care have received, or are receiving, the support of Compassionate Care Giver or Peace-Full, I warmly welcome your feedback and testimonials which serve as an invaluable resource when introducing these new and effective formulas to those whose lives will benefit from them.

You are welcome to contact me with your questions, and your feedback, and I will happily respond.

With loving support,


Thursday, December 2, 2010


A luminous canopy of silver and gold hung full of grace over the receptive body of the Pacific Ocean last Tuesday evening as I strolled along the shoreline, lapping up the elixir of liquid light offered with each incoming wave.

Flowing soft and deep into the rich realms of the winter season, may each incoming wave remind us of the blessing of Magic shimmering inside every single drop of life.

With love for you
from the
silvery-gold place
in the Center
of my Heart,

Simple, sweet, blessings to All.


Photo by Jane Ellen created at Half Moon Bay on November 30, 2010.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I created this photograph during a recent hike at Mount Tamalpais in Marin, California.

Is it the grounded wisdom of the ancient rock sitting quietly in the foreground that calls me over and over again to the vibration of this image?

Maybe it's the tree's ability to stand upright and centered on the steeply sloped foundation it calls home,
or the way the shadow's presence on the grasses reminds me of a tree I cannot see.

What I Know is that it is here, where the heights of the Sky and the depths of the Ocean are separated only by a thin, white layer of fog, here in California, that I will enjoy creating my next home with David.

Now, we invite a wonder-full living situation within the Bay Area to grace our lives, and would absolutely cherish it being near the Ocean.

For all non-New Mexico clients, your sessions with me will continue over the phone, as always, and for New Mexico clients, your sessions with me will now be over the phone as they have been for the last 6 months, with flower essence products being sent through the mail. For Bay Area clients, I look forward to meeting in person for sessions once David and I are happily settled in a home of our own, and in the meantime, our sessions will continue over the phone as well.

Celebrating the act of Creation,


Monday, May 17, 2010


Recently, in the black-velvet-hours-of-the-night, I awoke with the awareness I had absolutely no idea where I was. What state was I in? Whose bed was I sleeping in? I turned to my snoring partner, gently nudging him awake, whispering near his ear, "David, I don't know where I am." Without moving an inch, without opening his eyes, his voice clear and soft, he replied, "You are here," then began snoring again.

My brain promptly reorganized around the Wisdom of these three simple words. I am here. I still did not have any clue what state I was in, nor whose bed I was sleeping in, but he was right. I was there, in that bed, in that state, in that moment.

It's been 5 1/2 months since David and I stepped outside the familiar comfort zone of our home in Santa Fe. With our belongings in storage and suitcases lightly packed, we opened wide, embarking upon a pilgrimage, a pilgrimage to the home within, Knowing the external home will follow. Wise and supportive friends and strangers alike remind us to take however much time we need.

Occasionally, I wake in that same place of not knowing where I am. The difference now is that I am remembering more and more often, I am here. Clients sometimes ask nervously at the start of a phone session, "Where are you now?" With increasing confidence, I'm learning to say, "I am here."

Softly, I send my love your way . . .



From Wednesday, May 26 to Friday, June 4, I'll be in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my partner, David. We'll be attending the wedding of our friends and former neighbors, Kate and Trent, as well as visiting with dear, dear friends before heading back to California for further exploration on where we'd like to make our next home.

For those with scheduled bookings during this time, we'll have our phone session as planned. I have a few remaining openings during that week as well for anyone in New Mexico or elsewhere who wants to contact me for an Intuitive Reading and/or Flower Essence Session Series. I'll be happy to be available to you.

Now is a perfect time to place your order for Flower Essence products so that I have time to lovingly fill your order prior to my travels.

So very many Blessings to you!