Monday, May 17, 2010


Recently, in the black-velvet-hours-of-the-night, I awoke with the awareness I had absolutely no idea where I was. What state was I in? Whose bed was I sleeping in? I turned to my snoring partner, gently nudging him awake, whispering near his ear, "David, I don't know where I am." Without moving an inch, without opening his eyes, his voice clear and soft, he replied, "You are here," then began snoring again.

My brain promptly reorganized around the Wisdom of these three simple words. I am here. I still did not have any clue what state I was in, nor whose bed I was sleeping in, but he was right. I was there, in that bed, in that state, in that moment.

It's been 5 1/2 months since David and I stepped outside the familiar comfort zone of our home in Santa Fe. With our belongings in storage and suitcases lightly packed, we opened wide, embarking upon a pilgrimage, a pilgrimage to the home within, Knowing the external home will follow. Wise and supportive friends and strangers alike remind us to take however much time we need.

Occasionally, I wake in that same place of not knowing where I am. The difference now is that I am remembering more and more often, I am here. Clients sometimes ask nervously at the start of a phone session, "Where are you now?" With increasing confidence, I'm learning to say, "I am here."

Softly, I send my love your way . . .


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  1. i love that! david's wise comment and your description of it have me laughing so hard. thank you!